After attending many pitching meetings and presentations for our outsourced Live Chat service, I have created a Q&A to cover the most common questions I get asked about outsourcing live chat. Please let me know if you have more questions about live chat and the viability of outsourcing the service in the comments below. If you are thinking about using the service, please try it for 30 days and you can always shut it down if it’s not for you.

What can outsourcing live chat do for my business?

Live chat puts the human interaction into an otherwise human-less website. The chatting to a human tends to give visitors peace of mind when transacting over the internet. The end goal is to increase sales or sales leads and at the same time improve customer service

Why outsource your live chat?

That’s a good question. The only time you want to do it yourself is if you feel you can do a better job and a better cost to your business? So to answer your question, you outsource if you want a human to be there all day every day without lunch breaks and after business hours. I really get annoyed when I come to a website that has a live chat tool and it says leave a message. Our main service covers your live chat tool from 8am to 9pm weekdays. But we also have a 24 hour service 7 days a week

How does the outsourced service work?

Once you decide to use our service we will send you some code that you add to your website. We don’t touch your website or mess with your website code, my team studies your website and learns to navigate it to find all the info on it. We also sit with you and develop the knowledge base of questions and answers to the most common questions. And then we go live. The great thing is we continually learn and improve the knowledge base. I always say, we become a really effective receptionist or sales assistant inside your website

Which websites are ideal for outsourcing live chat services?

Firstly, I think it should be for organisations that drive traffic to their website or get a lot of visitors to their site. Then it is for businesses who don’t have a lot of traffic but when a visitor does come they want to give them the best experience possible. We work for car dealers, hotel groups, medical aid schemes, online retailers, estate agents, auditing firms, you name it. The only time an outsourced live chat service is not for you is if you never get visitors to your website

Are there contracts for outsourcing live chat?

No, that’s the great thing. It’s just month to month so if you feel you are not getting any benefit from outsourcing live chat all you need to do it take the code down.

How do I sign up to outsource my live chat?

You simply log on to one of our websites and start a chat. The chat agent will discuss your needs and take your details. There are no credit card forms or anything like that. We will invoice you just like a normal business

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