• A world-first in website live chat services for business.
  • Privately owned business operating out of Johannesburg South Africa servicing customer around the world.
  • Helping small and medium-sized businesses to corporates since 2016
  • We believe in a Hybrid Chatbot System approach where humans are a vital cog in the live chat machine
  • We offer a cost-effective live chatbot platform


“We are so confident in our outsourced live chat service that we do not tie our customers into any contracts.”– David Marshall (Founder & CEO, ChatMarshal SA)

ChatMarshal, a live chat and chatbot company

Welcome to ChatMarshal, a live chat and chatbot company, a world-first in website live chat services for business.

ChatMarshal is a privately owned business operating out of Johannesburg South Africa.

Formed in 2016, with the aim of helping small and medium-sized businesses compete with large corporations through our affordable live chat and chatbot platform.

Our software soon proved effective for both small and big businesses.

After many years of research, David Marshal (owner of ChatMarshal) found the perfect solution allowing a contact centre to run multiple live chats for various websites.

ChatMarshal aims to assist businesses to sell more and improve their customer support by using our outsourced live chat tool in their business.

ChatMarshal was one of the first live chat systems of its kind in the world. We are proud to have been the first outsource chatbot company in the world to develop the hybrid chatbot and live chat solution.

Our hybrid chatbot system approach is our USP. Where humans are a vital cog in the live chat machine, ChatMarshal use AI to assist the human agents. Then as the AI improves, we integrate more of the technology into our systems.

ChatMarshal founder David Marshal has over 30 years in sales marketing and business experience. He used his extensive knowledge in developing an outsourced solution that helps businesses increase sales while reducing cost to company.

ChatMarshal has a unique recruitment process for our agents.

We guarantee our agents are of the highest level and they all speak English as a first language. Our agents go through a thorough process to ensure their typing, English grammar and general knowledge are professional and efficient.

As well as outstanding human agents, what sets ChatMarshal apart from our chatbot competitors is our artificial intelligence software solution for the different knowledge bases.

This software helps support the human agents when they are asked technical for complex questions.

As AI gets smarter, we harness the intelligence and efficiencies that the technology provides and so our service gets better faster and more efficient.

Meaning our clients get increased sales and customer satisfaction.

A live chatbot platform should not cost a fortune

At ChatMarshal believe that a good live chatbot platform should not cost a fortune, but it should vastly increase your sales and profits.

Your live chatbot service should also be easy to install and manage.

We are so confident in our outsourced live chat service that we do not tie our customers into any contracts.

Try our 30-day proof of concept trial – you will only be charged thereafter if you are happy to continue with our chatbot service.

ChatMarshal’s chatbot services for business include:

  • Live chat services
  • Managed live chat service
  • 24-hour live chat support
  • Chatbot analytics

ChatMarshal offers:

  • 24-hour chatting service
  • We can answer 100% of the client’s common questions and escalate all other questions to the client’s team
  • We can help with troubleshooting, document dissemination and be trained on the most common complex issues
  • We do the basic knowledge base creation and get the client to build a few extra FAQ’s – we then go live and see what people are asking and grow the knowledgebase accordingly
  • The costs are small enough to cover the live chat. All you need is one sale to cover the costs. See pricing here

    “By outsourcing our website Live Chat to ChatMarshal , we have increased our customer engagement, sales and service and this essentially means that Trans Natal Glass has a better relationship with their clients over all.” Craig Birnie CEO of TRANSNATAL GLASS
  • Renault

    “Since partnering with Chat Marshal, we have been able to provide a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week chat service through our website, increasing our direct engagement with clients by over 400% online. Our sales leads through this source have doubled over the period, with no material drop in our closing rate”, Brian Smith, Vice President: Innovation & Projects
  • GT-Installs

    We have been dealing with Chatmarshal for some time now, the staff are friendly and efficient with all prospective clients, and the leads are forwarded to us very quickly. We would recommend them to anyone who has a website that requires a live-chat functionality. They have definitely helped us generate more leads for our business. Gareth Sismey (Owner GT-Installs)
  • Scotty

    “Scotty BusinessLine is a telco and from day one we got results with live chat. ChatMarshal has given our support function an instant 24x7 real person availability, for an absolute fraction of the cost that we could have built this ourselves. The onboarding process is painless (remember you get out what you put in here), and by using ChatMarshall we have reeled in business that would otherwise have clicked on to elsewhere. We had no idea how much potential user engagement there was on our web site until we implemented ChatMarshal. And in today’s business environment you need to provide that engagement instantly, any time of the day or night. I can highly recommend ChatMarshal to any business that needs to service customers properly and look more professional.” Anton Potgieter – MD, Scotty
  • Teljoy

    “Chatmarshal was able to increase our sales while at the same time improve customer service. Our inbound calls reduced which increased my sales staff's productivity. I highly recommend Chatmarshal to any business that views customer service and sales as an integral part of the business:” - Rami Sassen, Teljoy CEO 
  • Perspex SA

    “The best decision I made in 2020!!”, Chantel McCallum - Perspex SA
  • City Lodge Group

    “The Chatmarshal team have gone out of their way to learn about the intricacies of our hotels in order to authoritatively answer guest queries in “the chat room”. They are proactive and professional at all times.” Jennifer Beard, Group Sales Manager City Lodge Group.