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Why is it better to shop online this Christmas?

08 Nov 2018

It has begun. Shops are starting to put out their Christmas displays. I can hear many of you groaning already. Who wants to think about Christmas in November right? If you want to avoid the craziness associated with holiday shopping, you…

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It has begun. Shops are starting to put out their Christmas displays. I can hear many of you groaning already. Who wants to think about Christmas in November right?

If you want to avoid the craziness associated with holiday shopping, you should consider handling your Christmas shopping online this year, Not only does this allow you to stay away from the busy traffic and crowded shopping centres that are inevitable during the holiday season, but it also enables you to do your Christmas shopping at any time. There are several distinct benefits of doing your Christmas shopping online, and it can be helpful to keep these in mind when deciding whether the Internet or conventional retail stores should receive your business this year.

Avoid Holiday Traffic with Christmas Shopping online

If you hate spending unnecessary amounts of time in traffic, you should consider doing as much of your Christmas shopping online as possible. While visiting your favourite retail stores allows you to receive the instant gratification of taking your gifts home the same day you purchase them, you must also contend with crowded streets and parking lots, which can cause substantial amounts of stress in many cases. Shopping online gives you the freedom to purchase everything you need from the comfort of your home and without the frustration associated with long checkout lines.

Purchase Last-minute Gifts with Christmas Shopping online

Another benefit of Christmas shopping online is that it gives you more freedom to purchase last-minute gifts that may be sold out at local retail stores. In addition, this can reduce the stress of holiday shopping substantially by allowing you to send gifts directly to friends or relatives without spending unnecessary amounts of time at the post office during the holiday season. Unfortunately, many people tend to procrastinate with their Christmas shopping until as close to Christmas as possible, so shopping online can make your life easier even if you decide to purchase your Christmas gifts on December 24.

Christmas shopping on line offers many advantages over visiting your local retail stores to purchase gifts for friends and family during the holiday season. Not only does it allow you to avoid the holiday traffic and long checkout lines associated with Christmas, but it can also give you more freedom to do your shopping when you choose to, even if this is on the day before Christmas. While there are a few drawbacks of shopping on the Internet instead of in person, the benefits you receive by handling your shopping from the comfort of your home outweigh the disadvantages greatly.

 And of course, having a 24- hour online sales assistant to help!!

Hopping onto a website to buy Christmas presents is quick and painless but then you are overwhelmed by pages and pages of choices. If only you had a sales assistant to help. ChatMarshal provides 24-hour outsourced live chat for websites and Live chat agents are the perfect sales assistants. Live Chat agents are online and ready to help no matter if you are shopping for presents in September or the day before Christmas. They will guide you through the prices, specials, specifications and will even be your sidekick through the checkout process. You will never feel alone doing your online shopping again. On average, according to around 78% of shoppers will abandon a site without completing a purchase or a booking, that is because they do not have a live chat agent to help, ChatMarshal ensures that every web visitor exits the site fully satisfied. Having Live chat also reduces you having to return presents at the last moment because the package that arrived was not what you expected. Saving you time, saving you Money and saving you from a stressful festive season.  Shopping online has never been this easy!






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