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Great Reasons Why a Sales Chatbot Should Be Part of Your Sales Team

  • It keeps your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously 24 hours a day
  • Sales Chatbot qualify the prospects, based on demographics, interests and other factors
  • Chatbots constantly respond to the customers 24/7 and this will improve customer experience
  • Sales Chatbots offer a range of solutions through conversations to counteract cart abandonment and boost sales

Sales Chatbots play an important role in your sales teams and are here to assist not to replace sales team.

With the use of a ChatMarshal Chatbots, productivity will increase and ultimately you will get more customers.

Transform Your Sales Strategy with ChatMarshal's Ultimate Online Sales Chatbot

The perfect online Sales Chatbot tool for your website

ChatMarshal offers the perfect online sales chatbot tool for your website.

This is our chatbot dedicated to helping people buy from your website!

Our sales chatbot service is designed by you, creating a sales chatbot agent tailor-made for your specific business and industry.

Chatbots increase your sales by turning customer enquiries into sales and website visitors into bona fide leads.

Having a ChatMarshal sales chatbot service on your website ensures 24-hour customer service and online sales even when you are offline.

How a web-based Sales Chatbot can increase sale and reduce cost

Reduction in call times and 60% reduction in cost were achieved by companies using a chatbot for sales. – Harvard Business Review”
Improvement in lead quality can be achieved by deploying online web-based chatbots, which helps increase sales productivity by up to 40%. – Salesforce”
Of all B2B companies will use sales chatbots to augment at least one of their primary sales processes by 2020. – Gartner”

Sales chatbot services can handle complex sales processes and it connects to your external sales software for reporting and analytics.

Sales chatbots are used as a tool for closing sales, with the growing knowledge base the sales bot can automatically upsell or cross-sell on your products and services.

With ChatMarshal sale chatbot on your website, your company – no matter the size or industry can help move leads through your sales channels, increase your customer satisfaction and ultimately, improve your bottom line!

Sales bots can turn leads into paying customers while providing you with valuable customer data which you can then use in your marketing efforts and strategy.

Build your own tailor-made AI-driven chatbot to assist your customers in their journey of buying online, while maximizing your profits.

Current Trends: Key Statistics in the Chatbot Industry

Current chatbot industry statistics

ChatMarshal is established and by using our advanced artificial intelligence technology, your chatbot becomes your most accessible and knowledgeable sales chatbot assistant.

As each business is unique, each with their own processes and requirements.

That is why at Charmarshal we build a sales chatbot solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Your sales chatbot software is developed to meet your KPI’s and you have full control of the ever-growing knowledge base.

  • 57%

    Percentage of businesses that agree chatbots deliver large ROI with minimal effort

    Accenture Digital

  • 70%

    Percentage of Millennials reporting positive chatbot experiences


  • 47%

    Percentage of consumers are open to buying items through a chatbot


  • 69%

    Percentage of consumers prefer to use chatbots for the speed at which they can help communicate with a brand


  • 49%

    Percentage of female shoppers like chatbots and use them as a channel of communication when buying online


  • 40%

    Percentage of of people of all ages prefer to use chatbots when shopping online


ChatMarshal’s online chatbot service offers your business the ultimate selling tool and a powerful after-sales online agent.

Setting you aside from your competitors and guaranteeing customer satisfaction by being available to your customers all the time.

Test our 30-day proof of concept free trial online chatbot platform – you will only be charged afterwards if you are totally happy with our integrated chatbot service.

Sign up today or contact us for more information and pricing.

  • Just a few industry-specific services for sales chatbots:

    • online bicycle sales
    • online computer sales
    • online motorcycle sales
    • online retail sales
    • online book sales
    • car online sales
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