Teleresources is the leading contact centre staffing solution in South Africa, working hand-in-hand with Only the Best, specialising in recruitment and staffing solutions. Boasting an impressive 5379 placements between 2013 and 2015 and a growing 280 happy clients, Teleresources/Only the Best are the go-to place for top quality jobs and high calibre placements.

Their challenge:

The company was faced with high call volumes and loopholes in their recruitment processes. They also identified that they were not capturing the right calibre of clients. The goal was to increase customer relationship and expand the level at which clients engaged with them on their website.

The Solution:

Introduction of an OUTSOURCED live chat service that is active 24 hours a day and on weekends. ChatMarshal effectively acts as a well-informed sales assistant or receptionist inside their website. ChatMarshal would train the chat agents on first-line enquiries and common questions while escalating qualified leads directly to a sales person when needed. The live chat solution would focus on the following:

  • Act as a 1st first line screening process
  • Assist job seekers registering on the job portal
  • Assist new clients on where to find placements
  • Provide general information with regards to vacancies and registration with the agency

The Implementation:

Working with their digital team, ChatMarshal loaded the live chat code, created an extensive Knowledge Base for appropriate answers and trained the ChatMarshal live chat agents. Before going live, we ran tests and role-played scenarios until we were ready to go live.

The Results:

Since including the ChatMarshal live chat service, Teleresources/Only the Best have seen the following benefits:
The chat has acted as a filter- instead of taking numerous calls, people go through the chat platform. This has greatly reduced email admin time, leaving staff to focus on more important aspects of the business.

  • The chat highlighted areas where processes were missing and has inadvertently assisted in rectifying those weak areas
  • The live chat has increased the level that clients engage on the website and has improved the caliber of Teleresources/Only the Best clients
  • Implementation of live chat has ultimately improved Teleresources/Only the Best customer service by making their website accessible to all people and not just millennials.

Having first-hand experience on the huge impact that Live Chat has on customer service, Teleresources/Only the Best would recommend the service to any business with a goal to improving their customer relationship.

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