• White labelling saves you time and money.
  • White labelling is like having an in-house service, for a fraction of the cost.
  • White labelling a Live Chatbot boosts the visibility of your brand.
  • White labelling strengthens the loyalty of clients.
  • White labelling allows you to take advantage of expert work.


Most importantly, you will not find any chatbot FAQ tool on the market that is better value than ours.

White Label Live Chat Service for Agencies or Independent Companies

The white label chatbot and live chat platform are perfect for agencies or independent companies wanting to grow their revenue without having to start a new service.

Customers are spending more time online than ever before.

Everything is more accessible and instant so make sure your company and your client’s companies can keep up!

So how can you (and your client’s businesses) leverage online chatbots into a brand and improve customer retention? Choosing the right white label chatbot and live chat and platform is imperative – ChatMarshal offers an easy solution to branded chatbots.

With ChatMarshal you can create your own branded chatbots with Artificial Intelligence, specifically designed conversation and sales scripts and then deploy your chatbots across most online channels, apps and social media.

You and your clients can be accessible to your website visitors 24/7, with swift and precise answers to questions, after-sales support and all-important data collection. And all this at a fraction of the cost of hiring people to do the job.

ChatMarshal offers a chatbot branding platform that allows you to build your brand while engaging with website visitors all the time. Businesses can develop, build, resell and deploy your own product on any platform you wish too.

Our white label chatbot is effortless to set up, brand and start engaging with new customers.

Our AI-powered chatbots have the option for a human back up support meaning your visitors will never be left hanging.

Bots can deal with 80% of general questions asked before being passed to a live agent.

Live agents can either be your sales teams or ChatMarshal have highly trained live agents that can do this service to save you on staff costs.

Why Should you consider a Live Chat Bot White Label Service from ChatMarshal?


It enables you to scale.

Unlike hiring someone in-house, white label agencies don’t have a resource limitation. They will be able to scale up or down depending on the growth trajectory of your business. Your growth is not restricted to headcount, recruitment headaches, or overworked employees. White label is a low-risk alternative for fast-growing digital agencies.
Service Expansion

Expand your service offering.

As you grow and build a client base, it becomes attractive to make your suite of services more complete without investing resource to offer the services. You can make more money from each individual client, but it also prevents other agencies swooping in and stealing the client. A white label allows you to expand your services without increasing staff numbers or incurring training costs.
Built new relationships

Build new relationships and win more business

By offering white label Service, you can convert a potential customer into customer faster at a lower cost. When white labelling a service that typically sells faster than your primary offer, you can grow your client base and tap into new opportunities while making money. It is like a profitable form of lead generation.

ChatMarshal chatbot branding features:

  • No coding involved
  • Provide a hybrid chat platform – both AI and human back up support
  • Template library
  • Customizable
  • FAQ
  • White labelling
  • Integrated to most online channels and apps

At ChatMarshal we offer two White Label ChatBot Services options:

Option 1 - 15% Revenue Share

Revenue share at 15% of turnover for the life of the client if YOU manage the client and invoice your client

  1. The chat is branded with your company name
  2. You project manage the on-boarding – FAQ and loading the code
  3. We assist you with training your team and the client setup
  4. We manage the tools and agents 24-7
  5. We invoice you at the lower rate and you then invoice your client
  6. You can add further mark-up if you want
  7. Sign an NDA and Non-Compete doc to protect your database
  8. Use our outbound call centre to do appointment setting and/or video sales
Option 2 - 10% Revenue Share

Revenue share at 10% of turnover for the life of the client if ChatMarshal manages and invoices the client– all you need to do is refer the client to us

  1. The chat is branded with your company name
  2. ChatMarshal will manage the on-boarding – FAQ and loading the code
  3. We manage the tools and agents 24-7
  4. ChatMarshal invoice the clients directly
  5. You invoice us for your monthly 10% per client
  6. Sign an NDA and Non-Compete doc to protect your database
  7. Use our outbound call centre to do appointment setting and/or video sales

If you are an agency or consultant looking to boost your client’s business, ChatMarshal is the perfect chatbot platform for you.

Use our ChatMarshal white label chatbot service for a month on us!

After which you can choose to use our affordable paid-for packages.

Alternatively, contact us for chatbot agency pricing.


Try our outsourced live chat on your website today.