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Resellers and Channel Partner Program

Increase your revenue and improve your client’s conversion rates by offering the ChatMarshal service to your clients – Added to this, receive 10% or 20% share of turnover for the life of the client.

All you need to do is introduce us to your client and we will do the rest. No selling needed on your part. If you want your clients to increase conversions, sales and leads.

Let’s set up a time to discuss how your clients can get all the ChatMarshal features and you can earn an annuity income for the introduction.

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Streamlined Process for Reseller Success

About The Reseller Channel Program

How do you refer a lead to ChatMarshal?

It’s simple, send us a lead through email or our live chat agent. In the email, introduce us to the potential client and we will reply to all and get the ball rolling.

We will set up a video demo with the web client and do all the selling and trials.

  • Should you attend the video meeting between the client and ChatMarshal?

    Yes, especially the first few meetings. This will help you understand what we do and how we do it? If at any stage you do not want to attend the meetings, you can step away and we will handle everything.

    How will you get paid?

    If you manage the client and invoice the client, we will invoice you at a 20% discount each month. You can then add your mark-up. The other easier option is every month we invoice your client directly and copy you in on that invoice. You can then invoice us 10% of the revenue for the life of the client.

    You can send us the invoices monthly, quarterly or bi-annually if you want. The more clients you sign up the bigger your earnings.

    How can you increase your revenue over and above your commissions?

    That depends on how you bill clients. You can charge them a management fee for producing reports and consulting fees. If you are working on a lead conversion revenue stream you can increase revenues as we increase conversions or leads. Or you can simply receive your share of our invoiced amount.

    How do you join the ChatMarshal program?

    Fill in the above form or chat to and live chat agent and we will add you to our list. Once you have sent your first leads you will automatically be added to the system and any leads that come through you will be assigned to your profile.

    Will customers get a free trial?

    All new customers will get to evaluate the system, risk-free for 30 days and only pay if they are satisfied and would like to continue with the service. If not. We will tear up the invoice and they don’t pay anything.

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      “By outsourcing our website Live Chat to, we have increased our customer engagement and service and this essentially means that Trans Natal Glass has a better relationship with their clients overall.”

      “After researching many live chat providers, we engaged Eseka to manage our live chat service, giving us 24/7 live chat coverage on our website in November 2016. Since then, we have had a 200% increase in website quotes”

      Our customers are always greeted with a “Chat now, we’re online” regardless of the time, day or night. This gives our customers confidence and trust that Bundu Power will be there for them when they need us most. Improving our ability to service our client base in real time.”

      “I would like to thank the ChatMarshal team so much for all the support they provide to Capital Legacy, working with such a responsive team has been amazing and allows us to streamline how quickly we can assist our clients.”

      “We have been very happy with your service so far and I can certainly see the value of having you guys on board. Setup was easy and the cost-to-profit ratio is great.”

      “Thanks for all your past help and support its really made a difference for our company.”