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5 Reasons Live Chat is invaluable to your business

06 Feb 2017

Of the many reasons live chat is invaluable to your website, probably the most important has to do with our understanding of online time. We are used to getting what we want online, and getting it now. Google gives us…

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Of the many reasons live chat is invaluable to your website, probably the most important has to do with our understanding of online time. We are used to getting what we want online, and getting it now. Google gives us the answer to any question in seconds. And your website should, too.

You don’t need 5 reasons live chat is essential, one is enough!

Many online consumers are frustrated because they do not receive answers to their questions immediately, or worse,  if (and that’s a BIG if) they decide to pick up the phone and call your call centre number, they can’t get through, or they get cut off! Imagine, you have a visitor on your website ready to sign up for your services, make a purchase or ask for a quote, and they can’t get that last little bit on information they need. So they leave. But they didn’t have to. All you needed was two lines of code on your website and a professional live chat operator could have answered that question, or even better, sent the visitors details off to your sales department to close another sale.

A high drop off rate on your website and unsatisfied customers equals loss of potential revenue and this is catastrophic to your sales. Research has shown that the addition of a live chat improves your business, and our clients have shown consistent increases in online sales, sales inquires and client acquisition with our outsourced live chat services.

But if you need more reasons live chat is essential for your website, here they are!

Convenience at the fingertips of your customers!

As your customers are already online, what could be easier for them than to chat to someone who can give them instant answers and assist them in navigating your website? Studies have shown that there is considerably less waiting time in chats than if the same customer had to phone through to a call centre for information.

A tool that saves me money? Show me how!

Outsourcing to a live chat centre makes the most sense as the fee is nominal and will be far cheaper than hiring a staff member or more to do the same task. In fact, if you make only 1 sale from the live chat, the cost of the service is already covered!

Supercharged Sales

Possibly the most important benefit of live chat is the positive effect it has on your sales. Satisfied customers, who receive instant, memorable service on your website chat, are more likely to make return visits to your site, which increases the chance that they will make a purchase.

Get ahead of the game in your field

As more consumers expect to be able to use live chat, ensuring that your website has live chat functionality gives you competitive edge over your peers.

Live chat is an invaluable research tool

The information that you receive in the live chat sessions will identify problems that your customers are facing either with your website or your product/service. You will have insight into the needs of your target market and be able to pro-actively change your business or your website to cater for these needs.

Apart from providing your customers with excellent customer service, live chat will improve your bottom line and that alone should have you itching to add a live chat tool to your website today!

Need even more reasons live chat should be an essential tool on your website?

Increase in quotes from live chat over 200%

A final word from a happy Eseka customer, Rob Fischer, Marketing Manager at Redstack Technology.

“We were generating a lot of website traffic but only converting a small number of visitors to sales, so we implemented live chat on our website in Feb 2016, operating only in our business hours with our own staff.

This was working well for us, sending out 48 quotes in the first 8 months of our live chat service, but we were worried about how many opportunities we were losing outside our business hours.

After researching many live chat providers, we engaged Eseka to manage our live chat service, giving us 24/7 live chat coverage on our website in November 2016. Since then, we have had 30 quotes go out in 2 and a half months, providing a monthly increase in quotes from live chat over 200% .

I would definitely recommend implementing a 24/7 live chat service on your website and have found Chat Marshal to be the most valuable live chat service on the market today. If you have traffic coming to your website and you’re not running a live chat service, you are definitely losing opportunities.”

Get your website manned by one of our professional live chat operators right now. No credit card details. No charges. Our super quick setup will have a live chat operator working your site instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 14 days absolutely free!

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