There are few reasons why an organisation would NOT put a live chat tool on their website and so outsource website live chat. The positives far outweigh the negatives and with an outsourced solution the reasons are even fewer. It may disrupt your normal work time? If you don’t answer a live chat within 30 seconds it may even do your brand some harm. But that is all history with an outsourced option

The main benefit of installing live chat and to outsource website live chat is that there is no need to manage and respond to chats yourself while still offering:

  • Instant attention
  • Greater potential of sales conversions
  • Increased quality of customer service
  • Quick & effective query resolution
  • Customer feels they have greater accessibility to business
  • Added human element to online experience
  • Strengthened client relationships

Need some more reasons?

24/7 availability:
A live chat centre has staff available 24 hours a day, including weekends. This means that your website is manned constantly and no potential sales are missed.

Cost Effective:
The addition of an outsourced live chat centre will not cost a great deal but will have an exponential positive impact on your sales

Good representation:
The highly skilled agents, who have gotten to know your business, will represent your company in the best possible way and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. The addition of live chat sends a message to your customers that your business never sleeps and is always available for questions and assistance.

The live chat platform allows companies insight into questions and concerns regarding their business.


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