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Why Use A Chatmarshal Interactive Chatbot On Your Website

  • InterActive Chatbot delivers on-demand information 24/7 naturally and conversationally
  • InterActive Chatbot gives users the power to almost instantly reach the information they are looking for, instead of having to search the entire website
  • ChatMarshal Interactive Chatbot allows for a human agent to step in the conversation in a seamless way
  • InterActive Chatbot allows brands to send relevant messages in a personalised way at the right time
Tailored Solutions for Sales and Customer Support

Online chatbot, a virtual interactive assistant for your website

The online chatbot or website chatbot is a virtual interactive assistant for your company website.

The online chatbot market is growing at a staggering rate. Being available to your customers potential customers in real time is such an advantage in today’s competitive online market.

An online chatbot platform is a software application that a business can use to simulate conversation with human users online, giving businesses the perfect tool to keep constant engagement with customers in real time, all the time.

Enhance Your Website with AI-Powered Sales and Support

ChatMarshal offers two types of live chatbots:

  • Salesbot – a sales assistant that helps people buy your products and services
  • Supportbot – an after-sales assistant dedicated to technical support

Our interactive chatbot can be linked to a live chat offering your customers the best of both – bots with a live human for added support. 

ChatMarshal Chatbots can answer 80% of questions asked before being channelled to a live agent. Live agents can be your sales force or ChatMarshal have highly trained and competent chat agents to service your online visitors. 

Our online chatbot connects to your in-house sales team by qualifying leads, checking availability and setting up meetings for your salespeople to close the deal. Meaning you get increased sales and increased customer satisfaction. 

Your chatbot can be integrated into your marketing strategy through offering your customers an online personalized experience through real-time engagement while helping you reach a wider target audience. 

Online chatbot also collects valuable customer data that can increase lead qualifying and ultimately your bottom line. ChatMarshal’s online bot shares analytics data in Google analytics in real-time and allows for accurate reporting.

Consumers would make a purchase through a messaging app (“Fifty Essential Mobile Marketing Facts,”
Consumers prefer using a messaging app when contacting a business. (“Fifty Essential Mobile Marketing Facts,”
Customers expect a business to be open 24/7. (“3 Stats That Show Chatbots Are Here To Stay,”,)

ChatMarshal’s online chatbot service offers your business the ultimate selling tool and a powerful after-sales online agent.

Setting you aside from your competitors and guaranteeing customer satisfaction by being available to your customers all the time.

Test our 30-day proof of concept free trial online chatbot platform – you will only be charged afterwards if you are totally happy with our integrated chatbot service.

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  • 65%

    eMarketer predicts that by 2019, 65% of the global population will use messaging apps.

    Fact: “If your website does not have a ChatMarshel ChatBot, You will lose sales to the competitor who has a ChatBot on their site.”

  • Online chatbot services that ChatMarshal offers our customers:

    • Sales chatbot
    • Conversational chatbot
    • Customer service chatbot
    • Customer support chatbot
    • Sales bot
    • Call centre bot
  • ChatMarshal chatbots are perfect for the following businesses:

    • Chatbot for small business
    • Chatbots for real estate agents
    • Chatbots for law firms
    • Chatbot for travel agency
    • Chatbot for schools
    • Chatbot for tourism
    • Chatbots for nonprofits
    • Chatbot for airlines
    • Chatbot for service desk
    • Chatbot for eCommerce website
    • Chatbot for IT service desk
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    I can’t believe how easy it was to get the live chat ready and working. The Chatmarshal team did a great job building the knowledgebase of Q&A’s and training their staff. Loading the code was simple and we were up and running within a week. What I thought would take up a lot of my time and resources didn’t.

    “By outsourcing our website Live Chat to, we have increased our customer engagement and service and this essentially means that Trans Natal Glass has a better relationship with their clients overall.”

    “LiveChat has proved invaluable to our business with a 240% increase in conversion rates, as not only do we do gather more information on each enquiry we can also weed out the time wasters and tyre kickers very quickly. Easy to set up and install on our website with changes to key questions at any time. Clear and concise reporting each month and enquiries delivered in real-time. All at a cost of less than 10% of a salary it really is the proverbial no-brainer!”

    “Chatmarshal has provided us with a superior live chat feature for our website. It took minutes to install and is 100% compatible. The chat feature is manned by efficient and professional personnel. We have had many positive comments about ‘our’ outstanding chat agents. The service has definitely made an impact on our conversion rates and paid for itself easily.”

    “I would like to thank the ChatMarshal team so much for all the support they provide to Capital Legacy, working with such a responsive team has been amazing and allows us to streamline how quickly we can assist our clients.”

    “Star Name Registry, I want to say a huge thank you for all your hard work with making the first month such a success! Your team has been outstanding in communication and providing ongoing support to the other agents and we couldn’t be happier with how well it’s gone!”