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Why Live Chat Is Important For Customer Support

  • Live chat is convenient for customers
  • Live chat provides a competitive advantage
  • It saves time and allows customers to multi-task
  • Live chat increases sales because 83% of consumers need some type of support
  • Live chat builds long-term relationships

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO, Amazon

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Live Chat Support for your Website

ChatMarshal offers clients the best live chat support with our integrated chat software.

Live chat (live support) is web integrated technology that provides companies with a software tool to interact with users when they visit the business website or social media channels.

Live chat is used by web visitors as an assistance tool during their website sessions, getting answers to FAQ and increasing customer satisfaction.

Use ChatMarshal as a professional live chat customer support agent to manage your live chat for you 24/7

We use real human agents and they are only assisted by artificial intelligence. We supply the best live chat support services managed by competent, well trained, live chat agents.

With our live chat for business websites, your website visitors get answers instantly, offering superior customer support as well as assisting in-house sales teams to succeed in reaching their sales targets.

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Effortlessly integrate the ChatMarshal live chat support app with online tools you already use:

  • Google Analytics
  • CMS integration – WordPress, WooCommerce etc.
  • E-Commerce – existing online sales platforms
  • E-mail marketing software – data collection and newsletter sign-up
  • CRM Connectors – SalesForce, Pipeline, HubSpot – keeping customer I data always synced
  • Help Desk – integrate your live chat software with your helpdesk software to keep communication in one place

ChatMarshal live chat support is easy to install and use outsourced chat support for your website. Our step-by-step wizard makes the installation of our live chat software effortless and can be installed and set up within minutes.

  1. Step by step easy approach
  2. Develop your chatbot, customize to suit your business needs
  3. Branding tool – look and feel of your business
  4. Pricing – set up pricing in your live chat app
  5. ROI – 24/7 online access to your products/services. Customer questions answered instantly, sales made even when you are not in the office
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Top 5 Industries that currently profit from chatbots (Chatbots Life)

  • ChatMarshal offers you the following services:

    • 24-hour live chat support
    • live chat agent service
    • live chat for sales
    • live chat customer service

    ChatMarshal also offers detailed and downloadable developer documents here

    ChatMarshal’s 24-hour live chat service has the capacity to fit any budget no matter the size of your business or website.

    Try our 30-day proof of concept free live chat support trial or contact us for more information and pricing.

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    I can’t believe how easy it was to get the live chat ready and working. The Chatmarshal team did a great job building the knowledgebase of Q&A’s and training their staff. Loading the code was simple and we were up and running within a week. What I thought would take up a lot of my time and resources didn’t.

    “By outsourcing our website Live Chat to, we have increased our customer engagement and service and this essentially means that Trans Natal Glass has a better relationship with their clients overall.”

    “After researching many live chat providers, we engaged Eseka to manage our live chat service, giving us 24/7 live chat coverage on our website in November 2016. Since then, we have had a 200% increase in website quotes”

    “We wanted to express our appreciation to you and your exceptional team for the wonderful chat service. What truly set it apart was the genuine warmth and friendliness conveyed by the agent, making it feel like a conversation with a trusted companion rather than automated responses. We are truly impressed by the outstanding level of service provided and will eagerly recommend your company to others. Thank you for an unforgettable chat.”

    “We have been very happy with your service so far and I can certainly see the value of having you guys on board. Setup was easy and the cost-to-profit ratio is great.”

    “Chatmarshal has provided us with a superior live chat feature for our website. It took minutes to install and is 100% compatible. The chat feature is manned by efficient and professional personnel. We have had many positive comments about ‘our’ outstanding chat agents. The service has definitely made an impact on our conversion rates and paid for itself easily.”