We are all familiar with the many benefits that Live Chat on your website affords businesses, including: providing good customer service; generating leads and being the 24 hour knowledgeable employee that never sleeps. There is however, another benefit of Live chat that one does not immediately think of: Live Chat can help your business in times of emergency or crisis. 

Probably the greatest benefit of live chat is that can help your business in times of emergency or crisis where it can be the voice of assurance to your customers or a channel of communication when you are unable to be. It could be a simple inconvenience like your phone lines or e-mail being down, to something completely unforeseen: a strike or natural disaster that affects your outgoing and incoming communication. We have a client, a popular lodge, which was unfortunately affected by the fires that ravaged Knysna a few weeks ago. Because they have live chat on their website, our agents have been able to assist the management of the lodge with customer queries ranging from if the lodge was affected by the fires to refund information on bookings made.

Live chat can provide peace of mind. While you attend to urgent matters affecting your business, outsourced chat agents can effectively communicate with your valued customers and ensure that even in the toughest of times, your clients know that they are number 1.

It is best to be proactively prepared for any eventuality. With the benefits of Live Chat far outweighing the costs, we see implementation of an outsourced live chat service on your website not as a luxury but a complete necessity.

If you would like to discuss the ways in which Live Chat can be beneficial to your unique business, please give us a call on +27 (10) 593 0180 or email enquire@chatmarshal.com