How did a design technology company achieve an increase in sales from outsourced live chat? In February 2016, Redstack, a leading provider of design technology and services to engineering and architect professionals, implemented live chat on their website using existing staff members operating within their business hours. Their decision to utilize outsourced live chat arose from the need to increase their sales as the company was generating a lot of website traffic but only converting a small number of visitors to actual sales.

Live chat helped to find loopholes

The addition of live chat proved to be a valuable tool as they were able to send out 48 quotes in the first 8 months after adding the service! However, the company was concerned about the many opportunities that they were missing outside of their working hours.

Great solution! Outsource to a live chat service provider.

After researching a number of live chat service providers, one particular company stood out and Redstack decided to use Chat Marshal to achieve their increase in sales from outsourced live chat.

After just 2 and a half months of outsourcing to Eseka, Redstack sent out 30 quotes which translated to an increase of over 200% in monthly quotes generated from live chat!

So, Why Outsource your Live Chat?

Why would an outsourced live chat company make such a remarkable difference? There a number of reasons:

24/7 availability:

A live chat centre has staff available 24 hours a day, including weekends. This means that your website is manned constantly and no potential sales are missed.

Cost Effective:

The addition of an outsourced live chat centre will not cost a great deal but will have an exponential positive impact on your sales

Good representation:

The highly skilled agents, who have gotten to know your business, will represent your company in the best possible way and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. The addition of live chat sends a message to your customers that your business never sleeps and is always available for questions and assistance.


The live chat platform allows companies insight into questions and concerns regarding their business.

A final word from a satisfied customer

Rob Fischer, Marketing Manager of Redstack left the following testimonial:
“I would definitely recommend implementing a 24/7 live chat service on your website and have found Eseka to be the most valuable live chat service on the market today. If you have traffic coming to your website and you’re not running a live chat service, you are definitely losing opportunities”.

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