Frequently Asked Questions

We might already have answered your question for you. If not, our live chat assistant is waiting to help you. Just click on the live chat button on the base of your screen.

What is ChatMarshal Live Chat?

ChatMarshal is a live chat service that offers both a chatbot and a human sales agent. Most common questions can be answered by a well-designed chatbot, however, people still need to speak to humans. That’s where we come in.

You can have a real person handling the live chat service on your website all day, every day! Want to see how it works? Click on the live chat button at the bottom of your screen and start a chat with one of our highly trained operators right now.

A little bit of background about us. We actually started as a cold calling and lead generation service back in 2006. About 4 years ago we started using live chat ourselves and quickly realised the benefits to any website owner. We already had the contact centre in place and started offering a 24-hour outsourced service to website owners.

Over the last year we have grown and now work with companies like Betchain, PG Glass, City Lodge, Telljoy as well as wedding venues, solar installers, even swimming schools. We offer live chat services to companies in the USA, UK, Australia. We now offer outsources live chat to any English speaking website anywhere in the world

How can live chat improve sales online?

A live chat solution that is active 24 hours per day and managed properly, will guarantee more sales and lead escalations. If you are spending time and money driving traffic to your website you want to manage and improve the conversion rate.

Having a live human 24 hours a day inside your website to handle common enquiries and escalate any leads to the appropriate person is the answer. Or at least one of the answers. Live chat is proven to increase sales and new leads by 40%

The ChatMarshal service has even advanced to the point where we can do quotes and backend integration on behalf of our client. Our live chat service can even act as your admin office and reduce your staff load

Should I use free live chat tools?

Only use the free live chat tool (or fancy paid for tools) if you can do live chat properly. If not, it will damage your brand. If you are constantly offline or the person managing the live chat isn’t any good you will lose customers. There is nothing worse than seeing a live chat and opening it only to see a Leave a message note.

Rather outsource the entire live chat system to a specialist company like chatmarshal. It does not cost a lot and it will be the best employee you ever hire. Guaranteed

What makes you different from other live chat tools? is for businesses who want to offer superior website live chat to their visitors, but do not want to staff it themselves. We provide live chat sales agents and system design over and above the tools. The difference between other live chat tool providers and is that we do the live chat chatting for you through our 24-hour contact center. We supply the live chat tool (Software) free, you only pay for the agents.

What is a Chatbot or Virtual Assistant?

A ChatBot or Virtual Assistant as it applies to our services is a communication tool that allows visitors to ask common questions and receive instant correct answers – As long as that question and answer has been loaded into the system.

CHAT MARSHAL offers a hybrid Chatbot Virtual Assistant / Human Live Chat solution for any organisation. If you want to increase sales and customer service then live chat is for you. We help you sell more!

How does the 30-Day Proof Of Concept work?

We will run your website live chat on a 30 day POC. During the POC we will get an accurate picture of how many chats you get in 30 days. Based on the volume we will calculate the costs and present the fee to you at the end. You only pay the fee if you are happy with the results and choose to continue into the next month.

What are you waiting for? Try our 30-day POC. Only Pay if you want to continue past the POC, , no obligation. Our super quick setup will have a live chat operator working your site absolutely free, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

If you want to cancel (we’re sure you won’t, 99% of businesses that try Chat Marshal continue to use it after the free trial!) all you have to do is delete two lines of code. That’s it. Select. Delete. Done.

What are your operating hours?

Are live chat agents are online 24 – 7 for your visitors. As long as your website is live we are live for you. Because it is all automated and we have set up in advance, the service is 24 hours per day. Unless your website is down.

How do I set up live chat on my website?

Set up is as easy as copy and paste! When you sign up we send you two lines to copy and paste into your website. If you are using WordPress then we even have a simple plugin for you. We do all the rest here. Why not give it a try? Start a 30-DAY POC now ,Only Pay if you want to continue past the POC obligation. Our super quick setup will have a live chat operator working your site absolutely free, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

How are you able to answer questions about my company / organisation / business / products / service?

Our team is made up of live chat professionals. Before we go live with your service, a member of staff assigned to your account takes the time to learn the basics of your business and studies the structure and content of your website. We then develop a knowledge base of FAQ’s for your business so we can answer 100% of the most common questions your website visitors might ask, all the while escalating leads and questions that need attention from you directly. After that, we role play with you to start teaching the software. The more we role play the better the system becomes. We keep learning all through the life of the account and never stop

When it comes to sales you may want us to answer simple questions and escalate sales leads to you immediately. Or maybe your sales are of the nature that all we need to do is give information and direct people to a sign-up page.

But let’s say the chat requires more depth
Example 1: Let’s use the 80 / 20 principle here and say that 80% of your enquiries can be answered very easily on only 20% need to be escalated. We would work with you to create an internal knowledge base of questions, answers and procedures. It’s like having a smart receptionist or sales assistant inside your websites 24 hours a day.

Example 2: Let’s imagine you supply a technical 3D software product that needs support when connecting to different 3D printers. If you had a library of manuals we would make sure they are online and we would simply help visitors navigate to the correct URL.
If you have YouTube videos we would help people navigate to your YouTube channel.
Although we cannot be expected to have in-depth technical knowledge we can help people find the info. Or at very least we can get the visitors info and escalate the call back to the client immediacy

Example 3: Let’s imagine you supply electronic gate motors and you get a lot of calls when people’s gates don’t work. We could simply send them a troubleshooting document to go through. If the client’s gate still doesn’t work we can send out a technician. We would always use a friendly helpful tone and ask visitors if they would like to speak to a technician over the phone

How can I improve my website and visitor engagement?

The great thing about setting up Chat Marshal on your website is that, after the first month we are able to identify the most common questions and can advise you on how to create your own visible FAQ for your website. Not only does this improve your visitors’ experience but is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What are the main benefits of website live chat?

There are two main benefits to adding live chat to your website. The first is an increase in sales because your visitors are being engaged at the point of decision. The second main benefit is that live chat is a great customer service tool that allows people to ask questions and have them answered immediately. Any questions our professional live chat operators can’t answer will be escalated to you, the client, immediately.

Live chat is the web’s biggest untapped tool. See what Kissmetrics has to say

What are you waiting for? Why not give it a try? Start a 30-day POC now, Only Pay if you want to continue past the POC, no obligation. Our super quick setup will have a live chat operator working your site absolutely free, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Who are your live chat clients?

We work for 100’s of clients at the moment in every industry. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PORTFOLIO OF CLIENTS.

How do I cancel my service with Chat Marshal?

Removing Chat Marshal’s live chat from your website is as easy as deleting two lines of code. As easy as that. But it’s important for us to know why you cancelled. Please send an email to and let us know? We can always learn from you.

What is Live Chat (Livechat)?

Live Chat is when one of our professional live chat operators interacts with one of your website visitors. Our trained live chat sales agents learn about your business and your website so they can assist your visitors. Our ultimate goal at Chat Marshal is to increase your sales by helping your website visitors right when they are ready to make a decision.

What countries do you operate in?

We offer a global service to any country on the planet. We focus our live chat service in the USA, Canada, UK, Africa, Australia and New Zealand but will service any live chat website in English.

Can I become an affiliate reseller of your live chat service?

Resellers wanted – If you’re a marketing agency responsible for your clients’ websites, search engine optimisation (SEO) or digital marketing, you may want to partner with ChatMarshal.

We are offering a very lucrative 15% revenue share to approved resellers. Added to this, all approved resellers will have the option of having ChatMarshal do their own live chat at 50% of the cost (Half Price)

Affiliate resellers are welcome to increase profitability and add extra fees over and above our charges. E.G. management fees, SEO services, Web and UX Design, content, etc

To become a reseller please start a  live chat with one of our agents and give them your Contact details and URL of your website. We will then call you to take this further.

Terms and conditions

  • In order to qualify for the 15% revenue share, you need to be an active digital agency or marketing agency with the likelihood of referring 3 or more clients to ChatMarshal.
  • ChatMarshal will supply you with a free live chat service on the hybrid solution only after you have brought in your first client
  • When you become an affiliate reseller, ChatMarshal will supply you with the live chat tool free for one month. Once you get your first client your service will remain free
  • You’ll receive 15% of turnover for the life of the paying client even if the client is no longer being serviced by your agency