Make more sales, reduce errors and improve quality, efficiency and chat skills.

Sometimes an outside opinion is what you need. Especially when it comes from a company that specialises 100% in live chat and live chat agents.

If you have live chat on your website and want your live chat agents to be fast, effective, friendly and proficient, then consider having your weekly / monthly reports generated by Chat Marshal.

Chat Marshal will monitor your agent’s transcripts and then train and improve your systems and scripts. Added to this we will export and create your daily and monthly reports for constant improvement. We will recommend KPI’’s, improvements on responses and procedures in order to ensure an efficient and effective customer experience that ultimately improves sales and reduces customer support enquiries.

We will look at your scripts and canned responses as well as your customer conversations and work with your team to improve speed, accuracy, tone and sales.

The service aims to:
1. Increase your sales leads or conversions.
2. Continuous support and upskilling of agents.
3. Maintain Chat Ratings to the upper 90%
4. Monitor and implement new chat products, technologies and features
5. Provide insightful, independent reports to management.

See the levels of service below.

1. Transcript analyses, reporting, recommendations for improvements and training
2. Everything in 1 – plus – Co-Chat where we do the chatting for you during your off-hours
3. Our full outsourced live chat service with agents on your website 24/7
4. Product Champion service added to any of the services in 1, 2 and 3.

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