Pay less for a ChatBot that never sleeps and never makes a mistake.

Live chat is all the rage at the moment. But unless you are using it properly and responding timeously to visitors, it can actually do your brand some damage.

It is very frustrating for visitors who go online and see you have a live chat but it says ‘Leave A message’ or if in fact you are online and the visitor asks a question but no one answers it.

The idea is that you want to interact with buyers and customers while they are researching or shopping. A ChatBot is programmed with the correct answers to all your common questions so you know the answers are always correct. If a visitor asks an ‘uncommon’ question then the ChatBot can direct them to leave a message that you can answer in your own time.

Here’s the great thing, you can grow your ChatBot knowledge base over time and can probably end up with one of your best employees and sales people.

Now let’s talk costs, there are free live chat tools, but the best ones cost about $35 per month. Added to this is the cost of monitoring the chat. Depending on how you are doing it, you need to factor in a salary and training. Not only a salary but does your live chat agent have the right attitude or temperament? A ChatBot has the temperament of whatever tone and text you input and never falters. Here is an example of a live chat do and don’t.

Visitor: Do you sell XYZ Widgets?

Live Chat Agent: Yes we do! (Wrong answer) – The correct answer is ‘Yes we do. To see all the colours Click HERE and place an order or ask me any other questions. You may also want to look at our accessories HERE’.

So, if you’re using live chat on your website, but it’s not on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, then consider using a ChatBot that costs less and is more reliable. You are welcome to try our solution for free. Click here to see more.