The chatbot Hybrid, what weird beast is this? Half human, half robot, and terminator type cyborg, red eyes gleaming, giant machine gun hooked under his (or her) elbow, typing intelligent responses to the queries your website visitors type into the chat window? OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the chatbot hybrid is your website’s client closer terminator. The combination of an intelligent machine programmed with your business’s most common questions so your visitors get their answer in seconds and a professional live chat operator waiting in the wings to step in when the chatbot can’t handle a question.

The Chatbot Hybrid is the perfect combination of technology and the human touch.

Using a Chatbot to answer common questions and having a human live chat agent as backup is the way of of the future. Or at least the near future. Until AI is perfect, we will need humans to assist, but until then we can keep developing, keep challenging, keep changing the algorithm until we get it as close as possible to being right.

A happy medium

Chat Marshal has found a happy medium for the two to work together and provide a cost effective solution to customer services and online sales

About Chat Marshal

ChatMarshal is part of the Eseka Group. Eseka is a specialist sales and appointment setting agency and was founded in 2013 to ‘Help business sell more”. See more at Eseka has develop Chat Marshall to assist in online sales and EsekaMail to assist companies and salespeople automate emails to prospects without spam. See

The Ultimate Cyborg

Get a cyborg terminator closer your website today. Sign up for a free trial of our chatbot hybrid option (No credit card details required.) and get the ultimate cyborg combination of a personalized chatbot and one of our professional live chat operators right now. Our super quick setup will have a live chat operator working your site instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 14 days absolutely free!