Live Chat is crucial for businesses wanting to provide outstanding customer service. ChatMarshal has identified a need for various options within the Live Chat platform and has added an exciting new feature to our repertoire.

Co-CHAT allows your team to chat during office hours with the ChatMarshal agents taking over after hours. This ensures that clients have a point of communication with your business at all times: you never miss an opportunity to engage with visitors to your website. Having a Live Chat tool on your website has numerous benefits to your bottom line and increases customer service and what better way to utilize this tool than with your own knowledgeable staff members dealing directly with your customers while ChatMarshal is a backup outside of your office hours.

This Live Chat solution is particularly handy for businesses who prefer to handle their chats personally but understand the important benefit of being available to customers after the close of the business day and on weekends.

In some cases, agents are the first line of chats handling all common questions and inquires and only escalate more complex or technical inquiries to the backup chat agent at our clients’ offices. This allows the client to only field complex inquiries and reduce time on chats.

If your business is technical or highly specific; or if you deal with sensitive information, the Co-CHAT solution is the answer that you have been looking for.

Co-CHAT works in perfect synchronization so that when you go offline, your chats will automatically be received by our professional contact centre agents. It is flexible and you can have one or multiple users. Each license purchased will cost you $39 a month.

If you are excited by this idea and would like to find out how to get started, please call us on +27 (10) 593 0180 or email