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A Business Case for Live Chat – Trans Natal Glass

27 Mar 2017

A Business Case for Live Chat In this business case for live chat we examine Trans Natal Glass. Trans Natal Glass is one of South Africa’s largest importers and distributors of crystal glassware and homeware for retail, and the hospitality…

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A Business Case for Live Chat

In this business case for live chat we examine Trans Natal Glass. Trans Natal Glass is one of South Africa’s largest importers and distributors of crystal glassware and homeware for retail, and the hospitality industry. They have supplied the South African market for over 50 years and currently carry over 2500 products available through their distribution channels.

The Challenge

Taking a traditional business with traditional sales techniques into the digital age while at the same time reducing costs and attracting new markets. Building an online shopping catalogue website was the first start, but getting traditional customers to use it was a barrier. Our business case for live chat will examine how Trans Natal Glass implemented an outsourced live chat solution to effectively overcome their challenge

The Solution

Introduce an OUTSOURCED live chat service that is active 24 hours a day and on weekends. Chat Marshal effectively acts as a well-informed sales assistant or receptionist inside their website. Chat Marshal would train the chat agents on first-line enquiries and common questions whiles escalating qualified leads directly to a salesperson when needed. The live chat solution would focus on the following:

  • Assist new clients registering on the services
  • Assist end users with direction to the physical store
  • Assist clients with navigation to the appropriate products
  • Assist clients when placing orders and helping customers become self-sufficient in future
  • Assist clients with enquires on deliveries or returns
  • Escalate hot leads directly to Trans Natal management

The Implementation – A Business Case For Live Chat.

Working with their digital team, Chat Marshal loaded the live chat code, created an extensive Knowledge Base for appropriate answers and trained the Chat Marshal live chat agents. Before going live we ran tests and role-played scenarios until we were confident our professional live chat agents could handle any enquiries from their website visitors.

The Results

The results for Trans Natal Glass have been excellent and Chat Marshal can claim another successful business case for live chat. Since including the Chat Marshal live chat service on their website, Trans Natal have seen the following positive results:

  • Online Sales revenues have increased by 25%
  • Web registrations increased by 20% each month
  • Response time from enquiry to contact with the clients has reduce by 40%
  • Reduction in internal sales staff by 16%

Yet another successful element in this business case for live chat is that the live chat tool has improved the website visitors’ perception Trans Natal Glass’s professionalism and of the customer service that they provide.

The Client

“By outsourcing our website live chat to Chat Marshal, we have increased our customer engagement and service. This essentially means that Trans Natal Glass has a better relationship with our clients. We were also able to attract clients that bought infrequently or were situated in hard to get to locations. We have created an easy access market place.”
Trans Natal Glass CEO, Craig Birnie

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