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Tools to retain your customer and lift you profits in the new normal

Life after the coronavirus will never be the same.  People are going to travel less and be more sceptical about going to shopping malls and retail outlets.  And because of this, the digital revolution is going to be fuelled and shoot to the next level.

We have already seen a massive uptake in video conferencing tools and collaboration software, and this won’t be the only digital area where growth will explode.  The explosion will include website live chat as well as smart and effective chatbots. Circumstances have brought in a whole new digital consumer, the Boomers! Forced to become adept at online shopping, they have no longer been able to remain on the fringes of digital. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this newly discovered convenience will remain in place far beyond the current crisis.

Any business looking to grow their footprint and increase revenue in the most cost-effective manner HAS to consider ChatMarshal.

What is ChatMarshal?…………………

As well as being available 24/7 to order online, other benefits that businesses receive when implementing live chat are:

  • Increased sales through better knowledge sharing
  • Increased sales through a higher contact conversion rate
  • A reduction in customer contact centre calls
  • A better brand reputation through a 24-hour website live chat

For the business owner there are NO negatives to installing a quality, 24-hour live chat system.  ChatMarshal eliminates the typical problems associated with an in-house call centre, namely cost, slow or unresponsive agents, Human resources management and a distraction from the core activity of the business, namely, to generate revenue. These, and other reasons, make a compelling argument to outsource your entire live chat to a professional live chat contact centre.

Now that coronavirus will forever change our business landscape, business owners are  looking at their business from different angles and identifying which technologies will keep them ahead of their competition and at the same time retain their existing client base who might not be engaging in the “same old way” as before Corona.

At ChatMarshal we are so confident that our solution will prove itself, we are offering a 30-day free trial. No contract, no credit card, no obligation.

Our current client base consists of multi-nationals all the way down to mom & pop business’s.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

Visit our website  and take the 30-day test drive. You won’t regret it.