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Use your live chat during a time of disaster

I have been thinking about how to save my business and at the same time help my clients who run what they are calling Nonessential Businesses”.

Here are my ideas for my clients.

Create a promotion or offer to anyone who buys strictly online through your website or email and has it delivered after the lockdown is over.

This can be a 5% discount (or more) for online orders only or it could be a free add-on or discounted second product with the purchase

Chatmarshal will be offering the first month absolutely free to anyone who signs up from now to the end of April. That gives us time to setup your live chat so that when business gets back to normal (new Normal) we are ready to fire on all cylinders.

  1. Hotels – Proper discounts for off-season stays
  2. Car Dealers – Order online and have it delivered with a full tank
  3. Home products – Order now and get XYZ free
  4. Restaurants – Buy a voucher now for use when this is all over and get a free coffee on the house
  5. Electronics – Buy now and get a free extended warranty
  6. Other – Let’s hear your ideas

Have you got ideas on how to keep sales going during this time? – or at least have orders piled up for when this is all over?