Here is a step by step guide on how to automate sales prospecting.

Always keep your best salespeople selling. They are your bread and butter. They prospect and sell as normal, always looking for more. Use less critical staff to automate sales prospecting.

One of the key factors for automated sales prospecting is to create collateral that sells your product perfectly so humans only get involved to handle final objections or as order takers. For example:

  • Educational/Explainer videos designed to educate a prospect on your features and benefits.
  • Great PDF brochures
  • Calls to actions, specials and free trials that take users to landing pages!

Once you have converted a lead the next step to automate sales prospecting is to set up an automated email drip-feed campaign using with templates.

You can build a quality database of quality prospects through list-buying and telemarketing validation and LinkedIn. I suggest getting a massive quality databases or to use your own. If an email bounces back, your telesales team calls and gets the correct email or finds out who replaced that person and gets that new address.

Automate sales prospecting with prospect journeys.

You set the prospect/lead on a journey over time because they don’t always see the need first time, so that when the ‘penny drops’ they reply to you or call you. This may take a month or a year, but you want to be top of mind when they need you.

Each Journey or ‘campaign’ as I call it can be used for a different purpose when you automate sales prospecting:

  • Cold lead – 1st email introduces the product. 5 days later 2nd emails discusses testimonials. Another 5 days later 3rd email discusses benefits to Patients/Visitors… etc etc etc
  • Pre-meeting journey – This is if your field sales person has a meeting with a group (they set the meeting up no less than 7 days away so the process can happen – 1st email thanks them for agreeing to meet and introduces the product. 3 days later 2nd emails discusses other groups you deal with. 3 days after that and just before the meeting a 3rd email discusses benefits to Visitors. Naturally each business will have their own process to automate sales prospecting
  • The Not-interested post-telesales call – 1st email thanks them for their time and asks them to think of DLT should they change their mind and introduces the product. 10 days later 2nd emails discusses testimonials. Another 20 days later 3rd email discusses benefits to Patients/Visitors… etc etc etc so they get short readable emails every month or 2 months (You Decide)
  • Create as many campaigns as you like

Use a chatbot to automate sales prospecting.

You set up a 24 hour chatbot human live chat agent solution to engage with people when they go to your website. The live chat helps people navigate the site and choose their selection. Check out

The system follows conventional sales prospecting methodology
AIDA – Get their Attention, create Interest, create Desire, get them to take Action
BANT – Do they have Budget? Are we communicating with a person that has authority to make decisions? Do the really have a need for your product? What timeframe with this decision be made