AnyRental Live Chat is a service for people who rent out short term properties, holiday lets or anything that may require 24 hour availability.

Property owners and Hosts manage the sales and bookings through their standard online tools. Once a visitor has booked their stay, that’s where AnyRental Live Chat comes in and acts as a front desk receptionist for the visitor.

AnyRental Live Chat agents are online day and night – 24/7 to answer any questions your guests might have or assists with immediate tasks. Our agents can help people with directions, keys and access, using the electronics of the property, emergencies, etc

AnyRental Live Chat offers property owners a Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Live chat service that is available to their guests every day, all day and all night – 24-7. Here is how it works:

  1. We provide you the host with a live chat link that can be added to your website, Facebook page or simply emailed and SMS’d and Whatsapp’d to all guests before arrival so that can ask our 24 hour agents questions before they arrive. (If you choose, you will be copied in on all conversations)
  2. The links can be printed, laminated and placed inside the apartments or venues and contain the same info as your House Manual allowing the visitor to chat to our team before chatting to the host.
  3. The link can be saved in guests phones in case they have questions when they are outside of the property.

Property owners and Hosts can now have live chat agents answer all common questions at all times of the day without the need for the owners to deal with the simple issues. Guests can then ask questions about:

  • Check-in or check-out times or procedures
  • Security codes and procedures
  • WiFi codes
  • TV, DSTV and video codes and procedures
  • Taxis
  • Cleaning
  • Handyman, electrician, pluming services
  • Restaurants and activities
  • Extending stays, reducing stays
  • Anything related to the property
  • Emergency procedures

Owners will work with us to build a comprehensive knowledgebase and procedures document (EG. If there is a plumbing issue or technical issues like switching on the TV).

Owners decide what issues need to be escalated to them and what issues our agents can deal with.

Owners get reports and transcripts to see what improvements can be made to the knowledgebase or to the rental property.