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22 Mar 2018

A SALESBOT OR DIGITAL SALES ASSISTANT INSIDE YOUR WEBSITE CAN INCREASE ONLINE SALES OR LEADS By David Marshal CEO of If you run a website that aims to generate sales or at least increase leads then you have probably…

Chat Marshal


By David Marshal CEO of

If you run a website that aims to generate sales or at least increase leads then you have probably asked yourself what you can do to increase the percentage of website visitors to sales or leads. This is commonly called conversions. In my opinion, one of the lowest-cost solutions is a SalesBot or digital sales assistant. In fact, I am so convinced of this I even built a solution myself and turned it into a business.

The ChatMarshal sales bot has been designed to answer all your common questions, escalate leads and help visitors navigate the most complex website and lead visitors to a desired outcome. No matter what device you are using, out bot will be of assistance. The technology is not that complex, but the real success is in the design and build of the knowledge base and to do this ChatMarshal starts off by creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to use as a starting point. A SalesBot will be the best employee you ever have as it is online 24 hours per day, never makes a mistake, never sleeps, never takes sick days and doesn’t cost very much to run.

Following is the basic outline of how we do it and why it works:
As discussed earlier we start by creating a FAQ. We do this by looking at a client’s website and breaking it down into as many questions and answers as possible.

Then we turn the questions into natural language and the answers into conversational and friendly answers.

The next step is to interview the client and get a list of the most common questions they get as well as how they would like them answered.

We then turn the clients’ questions into a FAQ.

Once the FAQ is created we look at all the ways people may ask the same questions. For example, how much does it cost and what is the prices are the different ways of asking and getting the same result.

The above questions are loaded in to our uniquely designed live chat and chatbot software and tested. We have also pre-loaded the system with common misspellings and common alternative spellings so no matter how the question is asked we are able to get an answer (Mostly). The ChatMarshal software is also able to alert our human agents managing the backend of the system to questions that get asked and are not answered by the system. Once they determine that the question is valid and we have no answer for it, our account managers will call the client and get the answer. They will then upload the questions and answers into the system and allow the solution to get smarter and smarter. The next step is to divide the website into sections such as sales, support, products, forms, payment gateway, etc. etc.

Our team then decides if they want to create different sales bots for different pages. This means we can allow the system to show answers relevant to the checkout page and show another set of answers to visitors of the product page or the application for page. At the same time, we offer visitors a request a call back option allowing them to ask you to call them back if they still feel the bot was unable to help them. This feature can be set up to send our clients a text message or email or both.

Finally, we have added comprehensive reporting that send you the client all the transcripts and graphs on most asked questions. This can be used to see where you can improve in your website.

In the images below you will see the different bots we have for our pricing page and our home page. The bot on the left shows the home page with generalised questions while the bot on the right discusses fees and payment methods first. We can use the bot to show troubleshooting instructions, videos, as well as simple answers etc. And then lead people to take a next action.

Adding a SalesBot to your website is a great step to take to increase sales. ChatMarshal will do it all for you.

We will setup the system, manage it and help you create the FAQ or Knowledge Base. If you would like to set up a 14-day free trial, please let us know or request a call-back if you want to chat.

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