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Convert more website visitors into sales with conversational AI chatbots or live chat

ChatMarshal Live Chat provides a highly cost-effective, 24/7 contact center that can communicate with your website, Facebook, and WhatsApp visitors, thereby boosting your sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. We collaborate with our clients to develop a comprehensive knowledge base that enables our trained agents to proficiently address common inquiries, assist with online lead generation and sales, and promptly escalate hot leads as per established protocols.

If you have a website and spend time and money driving traffic to that website, then ChatMarshal is for you.

The best live chat support services are any service managed by competent, well-trained, live chat agents.

If you are looking for a website live chat agency or a customer service tool, then look no further than ChatMarshal.

For Any Business


Turn your website into a complete sales and customer service tool with a 24-hour outsourced and managed live chat service or chatbot assistant.

Our live chat operators assist your web visitors. ChatMarshal will set up and manage your live chat 24 hours per day at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

With ChatMarshal outsourced and fully managed live chat service, your live chat will never be offline and your staff will never be disrupted.

Our Live Chat operators will answer all common visitor questions and capture sales leads for escalation to you.

Live Chat can be used to share troubleshooting documents or videos, download forms, documents or brochures.

It’s the perfect sales assistant designed to increase website sales and leads.


We will run your website live chat on a 30 day POC.

During the POC we will get an accurate picture of how many chats you get in 30 days. Based on the volume we will calculate the costs and present the fee to you at the end.

You only pay the fee if you are happy with the results and choose to continue into the next month.

Lead Generating

Human live chat agents on your website

At ChatMarshal, we empower businesses to transform their online presence into a lead-generating powerhouse.

By leveraging the expertise of our human live chat agents on your website and data-driven SEO strategies, we not only increase your web traffic but also convert visitors into valuable customers.

Our approach combines real-time customer engagement with tailored SEO content, ensuring sustained growth and sales. Partner with us to turn every website visit into a business opportunity.

live chat agent on a client support chat

By engaging visitors at the point of interest you will be able to close more sales or acquire more inquiries to follow-up.

Using our live chat service you will cut down on your own expenses while the increase in sales will pay for the service.

Option to have your staff chat to visitors when you are online and we take over when you are offline (24/7).

Getting help from a live person builds trust. Whether visitors are using a desktop or mobile phone, you can make the research easier.

Maximize Conversion Rates through Live Chat

These benefits double or triple your conversion rates with live chat

In today's competitive digital landscape, live chat offers benefits that can double or triple conversion rates. From real-time support to personalized interactions, it has revolutionised customer engagement.

  • Make it easy to buy with a well-designed chat solution that helps people buy or request a call-back.

  • Reduce call-outs by having our agents troubleshoot with clients through live chat and escalate when needed.

  • We provide 24-7 managed live chat and chatbot services to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. In fact, anywhere you need live chat for sales or support in English.

  • Are you a new Start-up? For one year, your business will receive free live chat software and services. To qualify for the free live chat software and operators, you must be a start-up business and need to add our banner at the bottom of your home page. T&C applies.

  • Make it easy for customers to get what they want and only escalate what needs special attention.

  • Our professional 24 hour service operates on a pay as you use model and costs less than a staff member.

  • By adding a live chat that is responsive and engaging you will reduce your bounce rate in increase your visitor dwell time. Google likes that!

  • Register for the LIve Chat POC - We start the knowledge-base and work with you on improvements - You load our code – We train and role-play with agents - Go Live then evaluate results after 30 days – You only pay if you want to continue.

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Explore firsthand accounts from our satisfied clients who share their experiences of growth, innovation, and success. Read on to see how our solutions have made a real difference.

    “Since partnering with Chat Marshal, we have been able to provide a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week chat service through our website, increasing our direct engagement with clients by over 400% online. Our sales leads through this source have doubled over the period, with no material drop in our closing rate”

    “We wanted to express our appreciation to you and your exceptional team for the wonderful chat service. What truly set it apart was the genuine warmth and friendliness conveyed by the agent, making it feel like a conversation with a trusted companion rather than automated responses. We are truly impressed by the outstanding level of service provided and will eagerly recommend your company to others. Thank you for an unforgettable chat.”

    “Thanks for all your past help and support its really made a difference for our company.”

    “By outsourcing our website Live Chat to, we have increased our customer engagement and service and this essentially means that Trans Natal Glass has a better relationship with their clients overall.”

    “Chatmarshal has provided us with a superior live chat feature for our website. It took minutes to install and is 100% compatible. The chat feature is manned by efficient and professional personnel. We have had many positive comments about ‘our’ outstanding chat agents. The service has definitely made an impact on our conversion rates and paid for itself easily.”

    “I would like to thank the ChatMarshal team so much for all the support they provide to Capital Legacy, working with such a responsive team has been amazing and allows us to streamline how quickly we can assist our clients.”

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