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09 May 2019

And why a DIY haphazard solution will hurt your brand If you run a website designed to sell products or services online or at very least to be used as a business tool to share information and give contact information,…

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And why a DIY haphazard solution will hurt your brand

If you run a website designed to sell products or services online or at very least to be used as a business tool to share information and give contact information, then I am sure you have considered using live chat on your website. If not, you should.

Here are a few reasons people give for not adding a live chat to their websites. 1. I haven’t got the time. 2. I don’t have the staff to run it. 3. Our website is not ready or isn’t good enough. 4. We don’t get much traffic to the website – zero or low traffic is the only good reason not to spend money on your website.

Except for reason number four above, each problem can be solved easily by outsourcing the live chat function to a specialised live chat contact centre like Chatmarshal. No matter what you are selling, Chatmarshal agents are trained to act like a sales assistant or support agents on your behalf.

Below are 5 reasons why adding live chat to your website is a non-negotiable must have to any business website:

  1. Live chat will dramatically increase sales by answering and assisting your visitor within 15 seconds of engagement. Many businesses with live chat are slow to answer or even take 24 hours to return a message. I believe that this can do brand damage if you have live chat but no one is there to take the chat.
    1. Clients that engage our professional live chat service very rarely shut down after testing and going live
    2. Live chat increases customer engagements leading to more enquiries and therefore more sales
    3. Statistics say that If you can respond to an enquiry within 5 minutes you are 9 times more likely to make the sale
    4. Our agents are trained to sell, up-sell and cross-sell
    5. We help reduce shopping cart abandonment by assisting people through the buying process and offering alternative payment methods should their credit card not work
  1. Live Chat will dramatically increase customer support levels by answering 90% of support questions and customer service queries
    1. Assist clients with software, technical support and troubleshooting
    2. Assist with common service questions like returns, warranties, login support, etc.
    3. Added to this we escalate anything out of our technical capabilities to the correct person for resolution while at the same time learn and grow our expertise
  2. It costs a fraction of the price to outsource your live chat than to staff up and train your own team internally. At Chatmarshal we work on a pay as you use system allowing companies with low volume chats to pay less but experience the same service levels as our biggest clients.If you had to offer a 24-7 live chat, you would need shift workers for all hours, plus weekend shifts. Outsourcing can cost as little as R500 per month. The increased sales will cover the costs of the service within the first week.
  3. A professional live chat company has the ability to be up and running within a few days. At Chatmarshal we are proud of our onboarding programme. We take the time to study your website from back to front and we work with you to learn all the common questions and answers. Before we go live we make sure we have all the info and training needed to represent our clients.
  4. A brilliant live chat service for your customers and visitors is a way to stand out and build brand credibility. If you had to line up your website against your competitors, how would you measure? If you think about a visitor doing research and getting multiple quotes, you can see how the website with a professional live chat will leave a good impression and put you in the front running for the sales.
    The converse of that is if you had a website with an unresponsive live chat it could do brand damage. When people see live chat you create a level of expectation. If no one is there you create disappointment

In conclusion: There really is no reason to ignore live chat and if you would like to try out out for 30 days, then sign up for the POC (Proof of concept) or call us on 087 357 7760 to discuss your needs in more detail.

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