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19 Jan 2018

28 REASONS - A Live Chat / Chatbot Human hybrid – Robots and humans working together and why you should NOT ‘do it yourself’ but rather contract it out to a specialist company. By David Marshall 1. Why outsource your…

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28 REASONS – A Live Chat / Chatbot Human hybrid – Robots and humans working together and why you should NOT ‘do it yourself’ but rather contract it out to a specialist company.

By David Marshall

1. Why outsource your Live Chat to a specialist agency?
When you offer live chat there is a level of expectancy created and if you can’t answer on time or you are offline and ask people to leave a message, you could actually be damaging your band. That’s why a specialist outsourced live chat agency can do it better and maybe even more economically.

2. Using a Chatbot or live chat agent, you will increase sales
When you add a live chat agent or digital assistant to your website you will increase sales and lead conversions. By simply having a person on your website ready for potential customer questions you already improve your chances of making a sale.

3. Using a Chatbot or live chat agent,  you will increase customer service levels
Often times the person will come to your website who is already a customer and they are looking for a solution to a problem. If you’re able to assist clients with technical documents or troubleshooting documents you will improve customer service

4. Our live chat agents are online 24/7 to make sure no leads slip through the cracks bringing you increased sales.
They say that if you can respond to an inquiry within 5 minutes you are 9 times more likely to get that sale and with this in mind we have designed our service around immediate escalations. You never know when your potential clients are browsing and that is why a 24-hour operation can add to your bottom line

5. The digital assistant answers questions faster and does not require a human assistant
By adding a digital assistant you can make sure that your customers get instant answers. A digital assistant doesn’t need time to think it can get straight in there with a proper answer. We have designed our systems to answer a question and lead your visitor to take the next action.

6. The digital assistant never sleeps
Because the digital assistant never sleeps you never have to worry about your staff sleeping during the small hours of the morning.

7. The digital assistant never makes mistakes
A well programmed digital assistant should get the answer right every time. If you understand what your visitors need then you’re able to program a digital assistant with all the necessary details to quickly assist your visitors.

8. It’s super easy to load on your website or mobile site.
Loading the live chat and digital assistant on to your website as easy as copy and paste and if you’re using a WordPress website all you need to do is go to the plugin section and download the Chatmarshal plugin.

9. The live chat allows visitors to download documents, videos, files, etc
When things start getting technical Chatmarshal is able to disseminate information to your customers and this can be in the form of a troubleshooting document or a wiring diagram or it could simply be a video that you’ve saved on YouTube. When you need your customer to fill in a form we are able to send the form to them as a PDF, allowing users to print it out, fill it in, sign it and upload it back to the live chat software.

10. You can request a dedicated product champion for more integrated service
Some customers prefer a more dedicated approach and in such cases, ChatMarshal will assign the customer a dedicated product champion. This person will be responsible for understanding every aspect of the client’s business and have even more technical insights into their products or services this product champion would also be responsible for making sure that the live chat agents understand the client’s needs

11. It’s like having a smart receptionist or sales assistant inside your website
Having a live chat agent 24hrs on your website is like having a receptionist helping visitors find what they need, advising them of directions, procedures and any minor issues that need to be resolved. It’ll probably be the best employee you’ve ever hired.

12. The system can send messages to your phone via SMS Text messages
Imagine a lead comes in while you or your team are on the road and you only get the notification when you next check your emails? With our service, we are able to send you instant leads via SMS Text message to your phone. You phone beeps and you are able to call the prospect back before they have even logged off.

13. You get every transcript allowing you to see what is being said and make adjustments
Transcripts can be used for training and understanding what interests your visitors. It offers up great business intelligence and you are always aware of what our live chat agents are saying to your visitors

14. You can have a feedback rating tool that grows your website return visitor numbers
Using the NPS Net promoter score organisations can have their customers return to their website to rate them and give feedback. To compete out there you need to know your customer’s opinions – privately. You can then use the data to repair/train/improve where needed and stay on top. You can also use scores in KPI’S to incentivise staff and drive positive employee behaviour

15. It’s perfect for mobile phones
Typing on a mobile phone can be a bit difficult, so the digital assistant has made it easy by prepopulating the chat area with the most common questions. You users get instant answers by pressing on a question.

16. Visitors are engaged while they are researching or making decisions.
Have you ever been researching the internet looking for the perfect product or service and been asked to leave your details? Once you have left your details you never know if you’re going to get a response or not, and if so, how long will it take? By adding a live chat you get all the answers immediately

17. This is a great customer service tool. Existing customers can have questions answered immediately.
If your customers often need technical support the digital assistant is the perfect solution. By programming the digital assistant to give troubleshooting documents or common fixes to common issues, you will be able to reduce your incoming support calls while at the same time helping customers get the fixes they need faster.

18. It will reduce your call centre costs
If you run an inbound call centre you can literally reduce the number of incoming calls by half. Simply by training your customers to use your website as the first line for customer support and adding a digital assistant and live chat agents to your website we will be able to answer 80% of your enquiries that we refer to as first line enquiries

19. The cost of our live chat service is far cheaper than doing it yourself and just as effective – maybe better
If you see our prices you’ll notice that the 24-hour 365 Days a Year service that we offer is a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee based at your office. Not only is a cheaper but you will probably find that our service is faster and more accurate.

20. Anything we can’t answer we escalate to you immediately.
Nothing slips through the cracks. If we get a difficult inquiry we simply ask the visitor to leave their contact details with us and we will escalate the inquiry to one of your qualified staff members. We feel that human to human relationships is still the best and when a technical issue arrives we like to know that a human being will be responding to it

21. It learns as time goes on
Every time we get an enquiry that we can’t answer we will escalate it to you to the client, and then we take note of the answers you give and add them to our knowledge base. The deeper the knowledge base the deeper we can draw information from. You’ll find over a period of a few months our team will become experts

22. It costs less to build and design
We’ve done it all for you so you don’t have to design or build anything. All you need to do is work with our team and give us the information to be loaded into the back end of the system. We will even advise on customer-facing language as well as any fixes we feel you can do to make your website better

23. There are no contracts
By having no contracts we assure you of our best attention at all times. You can cancel without fear at any time but it is our intention to keep you as a client for the life of the website

24. The pay as you use live chat model means you pay less in quiet periods
Most of our clients are on the pay as you use option and what that means is if you are a small website or if you’re a big website you get the same attention the same quality as everyone else. It also means that you pay less when you’re not advertising and you get fewer visitors. It now becomes affordable for every website no matter how good or bad that website is

25. You can negotiate a fixed fee for budgetary purposes
Certain clients like a fixed fee for budgeting purposes and this can be negotiated after the first month of live chat. Once we see the volumes and complexity of the live chats we are happy to negotiate a fixed fee

26. We accept PayPal, credit cards and bitcoin
Our goal is to make it easy for you to work with us and by accepting credit cards, wire transfers and even Bitcoin we’re able to do this

27. Live Chat Setup is free
Again proving our commitment to making it easy to work with us, we don’t charge you a setup fee as we feel that you will be with us for a long time.

28. We operate the 24-hour live chat service globally
We have customers all over the globe and the simple fact that we run a 24-hour 365 operation we are able to service any website in any country just as long as the conversation is in English. However, for our digital assistant, we are able to program that into any language you want.

With all this information, I hope you are willing to give our Live Chat and chatbot (Digital Assistant) a try.

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